You’ve Been Booed!

I remember the days of having young children and getting a plate of goodies on my front porch with a ghost on it saying — “You’ve been Booed!”  Granted I can honestly say that at the time I wasn’t always happy about the fact that to not “kill” the boo I now needed to make a treat, copy the printable and send it off to two neighbors in the area.

But in retrospect it taught me a few things:

Service isn’t always convenient

The first thing this taught me was giving and for that matter receiving service is not always convenient. Yes, sometimes you can plan service but especially when you are receiving some sort of service – that you need to turn around and reciprocate, it can’t be planned and I’ve come to learn just how important that is.

I had a neighbor call me once, and because of what I did in my local church congregation, she asked me if I knew of someone that needed her service. She went on to explain to me that she was feeling down and out – and that she needed to move beyond herself and serve someone else.

She was an amazing example of someone that truly gets it – when I’m feeling stuck and out of sorts the first thing I should think of getting out of myself and serving.

See it through the eyes of a child

The second thing I learn from this is just maybe I should step back and look at the entire thing through the eyes of a child. When we would get “booed” my children would get so excited!  The first thing they would want is to try to figure out who had Booed us – they would run around and check out the homes with ghosts – they turned into little detectives.

Then almost immediately after they would start scheming on who we were going to boo – it never occurred to them that I might be too busy or not want to follow the instructions on the ghost that was left with the treat.  They were so excited about how they were going to sneak away and where we were going to hang the ghost in our window so others couldn’t figure out it was us.

Service comes so naturally for children – it’s never about time. And to this day it makes me smile to think of their joy and the fact that their first response was never about the treat (which being the mother of 4 boys is nothing short of a miracle) but that’s what service does for a child —- even a boy.

Neighbors are something special

The third thing I learned is that kids grow up and neighbors move away. Life changes and life goes on but the one thing that stays the same is neighbors are special.

There is something very magical about serving your neighbors even if it’s as small and simple as dropping goodies on their front porch and running. As every October rolls around I remember those days and I remember those neighbors – the ones that were there when my children were small.

When I see a new “You’ve been Booed” it takes me back to the first time I was booed and had no idea what to think of it and what it meant. I found out who booed me and think of them every year. Those neighbors have since moved away taking their furniture and children with them – but that memory remains and as I think of that memory many other sweet memories flood back too.

Boo with your Grands

This year I’m going to invite my grandkids over and we are going to make a Halloween treat. Then I’m going to have them help me “boo” a couple of houses in my neighborhood (we’ve had some new move ins that need some lovin’) Then I’ll have them take home a couple of extra plates so they can do the same thing in their own neighborhood.

And so you can do it too – I’ve included our You’ve Been Booed download

Have such a great Halloween!! And enjoy your gran kids!!