What’s for Dinner When the Grandkids Come?

We all love it when the grandkids come to dinner and even better if they get to stay the night. But many times what grandma eats may not be what your little ones eat. Below you find ideas of how to get around many of the varied ways our children and their children now choose to eat.

UnLock Food

In the article Healthy Tips for Feeding Grandchildren – there is a lot of practical advice on how to prepare for your time with the grandkids and what questions you need answered before they come. 

The Toasted Pine Nut

Some times you may get a picky eater on your hand and you’re not sure what to do? Lindsey over at the Toasted Pine Nut has all sorts of great ideas of tips and tricks just for the picky grandkid in your life.

Ask Granny

Over at AskGranny.Com there are great ideas for cooking with your grandkids and then having a sleepover after. Lots of fun activities and yummy food for the evening and the morning after!

Uplifting Mayhem

First off love the name!! Uplifting Mayhem – perfectly describes raising small children:) Over at Uplifting Mayhem you find all sorts of great ideas for the little guys – that are healthy but that they will eat.

Nora Cooks

If you are plant based in your own food preferences and worry about what to feed your grands when they come head over to NoraCooks.com for lots of great ideas on what to feed your grandkids and how to make it something they will actually eat.

Mom Junction

This blog is another great place to find healthy whole food recipes for your kiddos. Helping children to learn to eat healthy and like it takes time and effort.

Todays Parent

What if your grandchildren are vegetarian – then what do you do? Head over to TodaysParents.com where you will find all sorts of great ideas on how to feed your little ones.

Eat Plant Based

Or what if they are Vegan? In todays world there are so many different eating styles you may have to start from scratch when it comes to feeding your grand kids. For Vegan head over to Eat Plant Based for some super yummy looking meals for kids.

Kitchen Stewardship

Doesn’t seem like there is a family any more that someone doesn’t have an allergy with some sort of food. If your grands have allergy issues head over to Kitchen Stewardship to learn more about how to feel them in a safe way.

Home Family Recipes

Gone for many grandparents are the days of good old fashion home cooking. If you are one that can still feed your grandkids from the old family recipe book HomeFamilyRecipes.com has the old time recipes that you love.

More than anything make eating about gratitude and not so much about what your grands can and can’t eat or do and don’t eat. Make it fun for them to be with you. Just enjoy them because as we all learned with our own kids – they grow up way to fast!