Vision Boards

Vision boards have been used for years.  I remember old Oprah episodes where she talked about them.  Then in 2006 when The Secret was first published it became all the rage. Why would you want to use a Vision board?

They work

I’ve used vision boards for years with great success. My last vision board was a bit chaotic with the mass of items on the board kind of like a Christmas list to Santa.  But it contained things like a beautiful new boat, new truck and trips – all of which happened.

So why would I not use one?

What do you have to Loose

Lots of people think vision boards are weird – but for me it’s one of those times where I ask myself, “What have I got to loose?”

IF they work (which I tell you they really do) why would I not take a few minutes every day to focus on them in exchange for receiving the items on my board.

Why I stopped using it

Do you ever have those times in your life where life just gets crazy and you are being dragged around by life rather than carefully planning and living the life you deserve?  Living intentionally?

Well a few years ago I had my full time job, teenagers and adult children and life was just crazy. I was working 10 hour days and some weekends at a job I loved and was very good at. Completely focused in a not so healthy way.

When the job up and moved to NYC I was left with a vacuum – and nothing to put into it.  I had the knowledge but spend my days without purpose until one day it came to me.  I needed to define my purpose and I needed to start with a vision board.

Coming back

This time I looked into a bit deeper – and decided I only wanted to put the number of items on the board that I I had the mental capacity to focus on at any given time.  So my board now has between 3-9 items on it at a time.

I love my board

Creating your Vision Board

  • First find a place where you want to build your board.  You can use poster board, a frame or the wall for that matter.
  • I’ve included some basic themes to help – I follow the themes for balance in my life.
  • Dream – think about what you really want in life.  After you decide find the images and some words.  You need to activate both the right and left side of your brain into action, thus the words and images.
  • Next put in next to your bed so it’s the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night.
  • In fact set a timer for 3 minutes in the morning and another 3 minutes at night and look at that board and imagine that it’s already yours.

Vision Board on Steroids

  • Adding music that creates emotion is one way to accelerate the things that you want in life. Find a song and look at your board.
  • Another way you can increase the success of your board is by spending time imagining yourself already in possession of the things on the board.
  • Lastly use words, talk out loud.  Talk about what it looks like, feels like, smells like.  Create emotion aroun