As we become definite as to our purpose, and we have our declarations (words) that back it up and our vision board (images) that keep us clear on the goal we are going after we now just need to put some emotion into our desires to make them a reality.

4 steps to using emotion with vision boards

Want to put your vision board on steroids? Use emotion.  Emotion changes everything when it comes to getting those things that you want from life.  We all know that person that is so intent on what they want, and so pumped to get it you just know there is no way they will fail.  Now you can too-


First step is to imagine what you want in complete detail.  What does it look like, smell like, feel like.  Use all your senses.

Feel THAT feeling

Now that you know everything about the objective of your desire – what does it feel like seeing it there, feeling it, touching it. What kind of emotion resonates as you do this?

The “as if” factor

The final thing is the “as if” factor.  In your mind as you use your imagination and recognize the feelings as they arise – make it more personal.  Act “as if” you already have it. The words you use to describe it, say them as if you already have it.

The more intensely you can create the feeling and emotion of possessing that thing that you so desire the quicker it will arrive.

As Napoleon Hill said in his book Think & Grow Rich, “As you read–see and feel and believe yourself already in possession.”  It’s that burning desire and emotion connected to it that will bring it to you.


Music is an amazing way to create emotion.  Sad songs make you cry, upbeat songs and you want to tap your foot.  Music is a great way to help with your emotions.  Choose songs that inspire you as you think, say and imagine yourself in possession of the life you desire.

The more intense you do all of this the clearer and faster things will come.

Final note on Emotion

People who manage their emotions have fuel for their OWN life. If you can learn to talk your way through your emotions positive and negative you will have more fuel to go after the things you truly desire.