How many times have you flown on an airplane? While on the plane how many times have you had to wonder if the plane would be landing at the correct destination? My guess is never. But did you know that because of turbulence and other conditions in the air that a plane is typically off course 90 percent of the flight time?

Crazy right? Then how is it that we arrive at the correct destination? With the use of complicated guidance systems, air traffic control and the pilots constant course correction. When a course adjustment happens quickly, it’s no big deal and all the passengers on the plane don’t even notice but with the course correction doesn’t happen early enough it can be catastrophic for all those on the plane.

It is the same in our lives – constant course corrections is the only way we will arrive at our desired destination. Don’t ever allow yourself to be too busy for these 5 course corrections below.

1. Know your destination

First and foremost you need to know where you are going. Imagine buying  a ticket without knowing where your destination is – how would you know if you had arrived at the right place?

You are the only one that can do this in your own life – be clear on where you are going. You don’t need to know how you are going to get there but you do need to know where it is you want to go.


Im a visual person so I love to have pictures of where I want to go. Many times in my life I’ve used a vision board and I’ve also created short vision videos. These have helped keep me on course more times then I can count.


Another thing that keeps me self correcting is a journal. The first thing I do every morning is write down my current goals – this reminds me throughout the importance of the destination that I’m heading. It’s not to say I live my life perfectly every day because of this but it definitely keeps it forefront of my mind, which while small and simple keeps me correcting my course.


Taking not of the words in my mind also keeps me adjusting my course on a daily basis. In the article “This habit wastes your precious time” we talk about just how important monitoring our words can be in our own personal success and in our own personal joy.

2. Organizing Your Life

Lets go back to the airplane – lets say as you are flying along the pilot realizes that the plane is too heavy and that in order to make it to the destination it needs the passengers to throw off some of the baggage, otherwise you won’t make it. It’s literally a life or death situation – would you be willing to get rid of some things?

Well, get ready because that is real life – in organizing your life you are going to need to be willing to get rid of some things.

Emotional Baggage

Are the situations in your life that have gone unresolved emotionally?

Have you forgiven those that have wronged you?

Do you feel as if you are dragging a dead weight behind you that is holding you back from progressing?

Environmental Baggage

This is a bit more literal. All you need to do is look around. Is your living space cluttered and messy or neat and clean.

Do you keep thing like old cloths that you never wear?

Is your car clean and neat?

Does your environment support you emotionally? When you walk into your house does it lift you up or bring you down because of how it looks and feels.

Does your environment drain or improve your energy?

Financial Energy

Lets talk debt – do you live within your means?

Do you track your spending?

Would you like to make more money?

What is stopping you from creating value in others lives?

Most people don’t track their expenses. But if they did, they’d be shocked how much money they waste on stuff like eating out. In a 2019 poll only 25% of respondents felt like living on a budget was important.

Over the years I have learned (many times the hard way) that until I take complete responsibility for my finances I will always be a slave to money.

Just another “turbulent” that is constantly bouncing us off course.

Relational Energy

Let’s talk relationships. How are yours? Are they bumpy? Do they cause you stress?

Or are they meaningful and an enjoyable part of your life?

Do you spend time working on and nurturing those relationships that really matter in your life (like your spouse, children and grandchildren?)

Like money, most people’s relationships are not organized in a conscious manner. Have you ever wondered why something so important doesn’t get a whole lot more of our focus? This is an area of vital importance so spend a little time and focus here for sure.

Health Energy

What about your food habits? Are they promoting health or sickness in your body?

Does your body reflect your highest ideals?

Are you strong and fit? Are you healthier than you were a year ago? If not why?

Health cannot be purchased and there is no richer man than a healthy man. Unfortunatley many of us don’t realize this until we are sick.

Where health is concerned little things can become big things until everything comes crashing down. You wanna talk detour – this could be a major one.

Spiritual Energy

Do you have a life purpose or at least a sense of a purpose?

Do you feel like you have power when it come to designing your future?

Is death your greatest fear? Or is truly living even a greater fear?

When you organize your spiritual life suddenly things become clear. As what you are about comes into focus. What you stand for suddenly has purpose.

Suddenly you recognize the distractions in your life and a deeper conviction comes to you about really matters.

No matter how you define spiritual – we all have a moral system. Most people believe that honesty and integrity is important. when your spiritual life is organized you will have less “pull” internally because you will be acting in accordance to your values and vision.


Do you control your time?

Do you use your time to build yourself up or tear yourself down?

Is your time spent moving your towards your ideal future?

What Activities should you remove from your life?

If you could build the perfect day what would it look like?

What time wasting activities could someone else do so you can focus on more meaningful ones?

The issue with unorganized time is that it quickly disappears and you will wonder where it went!

Organized time slows down because you are more present.

Stop What You’re Doing and Get Organized!!

3. Plan & Invest in Your Future

“You have complete power over the details of your life the moment you decide you’re worthy of that power. ” Benjamin Hardy

Research shows that only 3% of people write down their goals. And of those three percent only 8% of them achieve the goal they set out to achieve.

Planning in your future is so important. You personally have the power to decide what you are going to do and become and how you are going to do it.

That’s why I like to write my goals down every morning. Because many times I forgot what and want and how. So on a good day (when I’m feeling like I want a certain goal) I just write it in my journal that morning – quick reminder. On most days I need to write my goal AND write my why.

Having a clear why is the thing that ties the goal to your life, if makes it personal, it makes it manageable because it’s personal. So most days I include the why when I write down my goal.

So while what you do to achieve your goal today may change or may evolve the why or the reason you want the goal is your anchor to that goal. If we are going back to the airplane analogy – it’s the automated controls in the cockpit that are constantly adjusting BECAUSE it knows where you want to go and why.

Invest in Your Future

The fact that most New Years resolutions are broken by Jan 15th says something. Sometimes you have to forgo a pleasure to get what your future self desires. Loosing weight is a great example of this. Sometimes you have to say no to that chocolate cake BECAUSE the future you wants to be fit and healthy.

There are tradeoffs for reaching your goals – but trust me while they may seem painful today your future self will thank you.

4. Tracking & Taking Daily Action


“When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates. ” — Thomas Monson

Tracking can be hard. Many people start with the best of intentions and quickly become bored with the mundane nature of tracking. But I promise you that as your measure your performance it will improve.

Jim Collins said in Good to Great, “If you have more than three priorities you have none.”

Keep the number of things you track to three. Make sure they are the most important things in your life right now and track them daily. Once these things become habits you can add three new things.

As you track things you will become increasingly more aware of them which will increase the likelihood of your tracking them.

Your ability to control these things will enhance. Your confidence will wax strong. And your life will become simpler.

Taking Daily Action

A couple of years ago I calculate if I were to spend 10 minutes a day on one of my goals x 365 days it would be equivalent of 61 hours.

So many times we think if we can’t really devote time and energy to a goal why do it – or if we can’t do it perfectly why do it…… and thus we do nothing!

Small daily actions add up! 61 hours up. What could you accomplish by spending 10 minutes a day on something?

You could?

  • learn a second language
  • get in better shape
  • learn to cook
  • learn to paint
  • write a book

The list is endless. What I’m saying is daily action no matter how small and imperfect creates massive impact over time.

5. Prayer & Meditation

Years ago I watched the movie Luther. (I would highly recommend it) I love this quote by Luther –

“I have so much to do today that I’m going to need to spend three hours in prayer in order to be able to get it all done.” 

How often when we think of our day do we consider time to pray or meditate for hours so as to give us clarity to accomplish more with the remaining hours of our day?

Spending time in prayer and meditation can open up the mysteries of:

  • Clarity on your destination
  • Increased ability to organize
  • How to plan & invest in your future
  • The best way to track your goals
  • Ideas of new actions to take towards the life you want
  • And even on how to better pray and meditate in a way that will open up new insight

Like airplanes we are probably off course 90% of the time. Taking time to do the 5 things above will change your life and your direction.

You will be shocked at how quickly change comes when you live a life with purpose.