When thinking of real estate most of us think of our home or possibly that house on the lake. Or maybe like us you own rentals and that is part of your investment portfolio.  When I talk about OWNING the most valuable real estate – I am NOT talking about anything like that.

Between the Ears

I’m talking about the real estate between your ears. Yes, I’m talking about your mind. I’ve decided that the older I get the harder this is becoming. I’m guessing it’s because of the patterns I’ve created in my brain – I think it’s that I default to old thinking patterns over and over without thinking about it at all that is costing me the progress I desire.  Owning that space is expensive when you talk of the effort it takes to win & hold that space.

What does it take to do this?  There are really three very specific aspects to consider when fighting the battle of the mind.  First is vision, language and emotion.


Getting clear on what you see for yourself is extremely important. When you look into the future what is it that you see? Do you see fear and ugly or do you see hope and forward movement?  It is important to control what you see – because if you see bad you will find bad.

How do you do this? It is a daily task that takes time and effort. You need to be clear first on what you want so dream a little. From there you need to find images that represent what you want.

I have a personal story – years ago when Oprah did a show on Vision Boards I was watching. Many of them brought their vision boards and showed them to Oprah. At that point I decided to do my own vision board to see how it worked out for me.

There wasn’t really clear instructions given, just to cut out images and put it on a poster board with words and that effort alone would get you what you wanted.

So I wanted a new boat. Ours was old I liked a very specific type of boat and wanted the best of the best. Put that image on my board. Well we didn’t have a truck to pull that boat so I put that on my board too. Other then the moment of creating the board I really didn’t “mindfully” think about it again.

I eventually hung it over my desk in the office but didn’t pay alot of attention to it. Fast-forward about 18 months and my husband was about an hour away looking at a new boat. There had not been an image of the boat on the ad just the description. Rob took a picture and sent it to me. I was a little confused because I had seen that boat before. I looked up on my vision board and there was my boat – and next to it my truck (which we had purchased a year earlier)

It was the exact color with all the bells and whistles. I was shocked.

I have since learned to spend a little more time and effort on the vision part of my brain. In fact I do a daily practice with vision to keep at the forefront of my mind what it is I want from my life.

You can use the vision part as a “shopping” list but you can also include personality traits, styles, friends and all sorts of fun things. Controling “How” you see yourself and how you see others is a great step to owning your real estate.


The second part of owning this real estate is using your language to support your goals. I’m talking both your language inside your head (you know that little gal in there that is constantly berating you and your efforts?) and the language you use to talk about yourself and what is going on around you.

This language needs to be controlled and changed. Like the vision board you may need to create declarations or affirmations to start to input the new language you plan on using.

A few years ago I began using declarations (I personally like that word better than affirmations). Things were crazy both at home, with my business and with my church calling. I felt overwhelmed much of the time and would begin to shut down. I found a declaration during that time that worked like magic for me. It said:

“I’m an incredible manager. I welcome new things into my life and look forward to the experience. I’m a steward of whatever comes my way!”

It was kinda crazy because of my church calling and what was going on with my business there were a lot of things I could not plan for – but it didn’t matter. I recited this every morning and interestingly enough – when something would hit me and my shoulders would start to droop – I would repeat it again and suddenly I could deal with it.

Watching your language and creating language you control also helps you with your daily battle for that prime piece of real estate.


The interesting thing about this battle is that your vision or how you see your life and you’re language are not demonstrated in an outward manner. Because these aspects of your life are fairly personal and kept inside you can go along at a good pace and people don’t necessarily know what is going on.

Emotion on the other hand tells people who you are quickly – and really demonstrate to you how well you control your vision and your language.

Emotion, like the other two aspects can be used to move you forward or they can hold you back. Negative emotion can stop you dead in your tracks for days if not weeks or years if you choose to let it. On the other hand you can learn to release the emotion in a constructive way and move on.

Then when practicing vision and language if you’d like to super charge the entire experience you can wrap the entire thing in the positive emotion of attaining your goal and you will become that person or receive that goal in a much quicker time frame.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of winning the battle for this real estate. You can do anything if you decide this battle is something you are unwilling to loose.