The holiday season is a great time to give and receive service.  This is the perfect time to take the time and do some service with your grandkids.  Below is a list of 23 service projects you can do with your kiddos.

1. Make Christmas cards to send to troops overseas. Go to Operation Gratitude to get started.

2. Have a baking day with your grandkids and take plates of gooodies around to widows, the sick, fire department or others that may have the need.

3. Christmas stocking – Go to the dolloar store and stuff a small stocking with toys and candy and when you pass a homeless person, or a mom with a screaming baby give them one of the stockings.

4. Sit down and talk to your grandkid about the things that matter to him – is there something that is important to them. Donate a gift in the name of your grandchild to one of the charities that matter to your grandchild.

5. Do a sub for santa family. Go to one of the many places and choose the name of a child that is about the same age as your grandchild and take them with you to buy the gift for this child.

Even better would be to have your grandchild do some chores for you at home to earn some money to take to buy the gift for another chld.

6. Perform a Christmas program for a nursing home.

7. Take your grandkids with you and go caroling in your neighborhood, and leave cookies with each house. Here’s a great list of 20 of the best Christmas cookie recipes!

8. Have your grandkids go around and leave a quarter in a gum-ball machine with a note on it that says Merry Christmas.

9. Have your Elf on the Shelf do sweet acts of kindness for family members, and have him leave a note that tells them to pass it forward.

10. Have your grandkids help you do some winter cleaning! Clean out your closet and donate old hats, gloves, coats, and shoes to shelters for the cold months.

11. Pass out cups of hot chocolate to people waiting in the cold for the bus.

12. Make sandwiches and sack lunches with your grandkids and bring them to a homeless shelter.

14. Do a reverse Advent Calendar and have your grandkids put food into a box for 24 days and then bring it to the homeless shelter.

15. Invite someone to dinner that you know will be alone on the holidays.

16. Donate gently used books to a children’s hospital.

17.  Pay for someones food in the drive up behind you with your grandkids in the car.

18. With your grandkids make a “hugs & kisses” jar – challenge them to go aorund handing out hugs and kisses with an “I love you”

19. Put together a fun 12 days of Christmas and bring it to a family in need every night.

20. Laundry mat care packages – In a baggie put together some laundry soap pods, dryer sheets and some Christmas candy with a Merry Christmas note and leave it in a local laudnry matt.

21. Shovel someones driveway when it snows.

22. If there is no snow get a grocery bag and go along a walkway and pick up trash.

23. Light the World vending machine – take your grandkids and help them choose how they would like to donate by using one of the Light the World vending machines.

Do one or do multiples of the above service activities with your kids. Let us know what you do and how it goes.