This past week we hosted a Grandma Birthday Party for grandma Brenda – (not saying which birthday – just that it was her birthday) When you’re a grandma there is nothing as special as seeing the face of your grandchild happy and excited. Holidays and celebrations of any type get them excited with anticipation.

So how did Grandma Brenda pull this off?  Let us tell you.

Special Invitations

Get creative with your invitations. Did you know that the USPS allows you to send some things unwrapped through the mail. I’ve received a coconut from Hawaii before – just like that – – – just a coconut. Check with the postal service for their specific regulations but I have send an alien in the mail before with a tag around it’s neck with the invitation on the tag – so get creative.

Brenda decided to do something that would be meaningful to both her and the kiddos – so she took a picture of herself with each of her grandkids.  And created a birthday puzzle invitation that each grandchild put together on their own and on the back was all about the party. 

Fun Age Appropriate Activities

The next thing to keep in mind is what type of activities do you do with the grand’s? I think the most important thing here is “Age Appropriate” What works for a toddler will not work for a teenager. So these parties will all look different.

For Brenda who has an August birthday outside is the perfect place to host a party – and water and a bouncy house makes everyone happy.

Not sure about where you live but it seems like around here everyone owns and rents bouncy houses so there was a lot to choose from. Brenda decided on a pirate’s ship (all her grandkids are boys) that included a pool, water slide and a bounce house all in one.

It was the perfect combination on a hot summer day. The party ran for 4pm – 8pm with the kids spending nearly the entire time in the pool, slide and bouncy house.

What to Eat

Dinner was served about 6pm and to go along with the outdoor theme was an outdoor BBQ with hamburgers and hotdogs

Our Easy Potato Salad Recipe with Egg was served as well as fruit salad and green salad.

And of course cake and ice cream for dessert!

Grandma Gifts

Then it came time for the gifts – the instructions for the grand kids was to get her something that they would like to do with grandma – so all the gifts were fun crafts, games and activities that the grandchild picked out to do with grandma.

Their faces were priceless as they waited to see grandmas reaction to what they had bought her for her birthday.

In the end Grandmas birthday party was a huge success. The kids went home happy and exhausted – as did Grandma.

What I learned …..

Invitations –After having made the invitations all by hand I learned that you can also do these online

Food – In doing it again I would keep the food simple so that I have more time to focus on playing with the kids

Time – was perfect because the bounce house kept all the kids completely entertained.

Looking forward to next year!