Fun Grandma Party Invitations

Getting creative with party invitations is a lot of fun. Especially when you are dealing with grandkids. These fun grandma party invitations are the perfect way to invite your grandkids to grandmas birthday party.

Pictures With Grandma

Grandkids love to see pictures of themselves and they love pictures with grandma. So imagine their surprise when an envelope arrives for them with a picture of themselves with grandma. But wait ——-

They won’t be able to tell that it’s a picture of themselves yet because they are about to get the surprise of their lives – what do they love even more then pictures of themselves? Puzzles!

Step 1

Take a picture of yourself with each one of your grandkids separately. Each child will receive their own personal invitation.

Step 2

Once you take the picture print them off (or send them in to your local Walmart)

Step 3

Once you have your photos back mount the photo onto a poster board (to make the puzzle more sturdy)

Step 4

Create a puzzle design on the back

Step 5

Turn the picture face down and write the party invitation on the back of the picture (on the poster board)

Step 6

Cut out the puzzle

Step 7

Put all the puzzle pieces into an envelope and send them to your grandkids.