“Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement. 

Don’t be like a ship at sea with out rudders, powerless & directionless. 

Decide what you want, find out how to get it and then take daily action toward achieving your goal. You will get exactly and only what you ask and work for. 

Make up your mind today what you want and then start today to go after it. Do it now!

Successful people move on their own initiative, but they know where they are going before they start.”  Napoleon Hill

First 50 years

My life for the first 50 years pretty much went as planned. Went to school, married and had children.  I wasn’t very purposeful in most of the decisions I made (huge regrets) but I still had a fabulous 50 years.

I knew my purpose:

  • my church
  • my husband
  • my children
  • managing the day to day financial, spiritual, emotional of life
  • creating meaningful experiences for my kids (you have to be careful with this one.  You just may create loads of work for yourself! One of these days I’ll have to tell you about the farm)
  • small business ventures.

I didn’t really have time to think about me – or my definiteness of purpose. Those years were full of laughter, pain, fun, joy, lots of kids, and friends games and life.  It was a wonderful time of life and very crazy.

Next 50 years

Now the kids are gone and I’m in search of new purpose. What can I do to bring meaning to my life as well as others?

I started trying to figure it out when I came across Napoleon Hills famous book “Think and Grow Rich”  I was shocked to start reading it and realized I had never read it before.

His main theme throughout the book is definiteness of purpose and the importance of discovering yours. I’ve been at this for a few years now and I’ve learned a lot about the way to do this.

5 steps t0 discovering your definiteness of purpose

Create a plan of Study

Decide upon a plan of “purpose” study.  Get books that you are interested in to help you in your study.  I’ve had a few that I’ve really liked. They’ve helped me focus in on what I want and what I need to do to get there.

  • Eat That Frog – Brian Tracey
  • Capital Gains – Chip Gains
  • Think & Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
  • On Fire – John O-Leary
  • Outliers
  • Open – Craig Gross

There have been more – but for the purpose of figuring out my definiteness of purpose these have been awesome.

Think on Paper

This is a great one.  Take the time to take notes of things that stand out to you.  Make lists, bucket lists, priority lists of what’s important and place them in order, lists of people you love, things you love to do, types of books you love to read.

Think on paper is a way to create clarity around your life. It’s like thinking out loud but with someone taking notes while you do it.

Spend time every morning thinking about your definiteness of purpose. Think about what you want your next 50 years to look like and where you want to end up. You would hate to climb the ladder only to find you have it against the wrong wall right?

Discover your strengths

These may be super clear to you – but I’m still discovering mine.  I’ve taken different strength type of tests online, ask others etc.

I found one a couple of years ago that really hit the mark for me. It’s by Gallup called Strength Finders.  It is super interesting and I would suggest buying the extended list. My husband and I recently upgraded to the extended list and honestly it’s amazing that we are even married! (Oh and by the way I am not a affiliate for this company so I make no money referring you to them)

Discovering your strengths will help you in so many ways. According to their research if you are working within your strengths you can accomplish things way faster then if you choose a definiteness of purpose that is one of your weaknesses.

Discover what you love

As I mentioned about in the think on paper section – write down lists of what you love.  But also go out and LIVE.

I know when I had small children which then became teenagers – there was little to no time for me. This time of life has been a discovering time for me. What do I love now? I loved dragging main as a teen, not so much now:)

Take the time to discover new things that may inspire you and your direction for the next 50 year.

Write your story

As you start all this research and gather the information start to write your story as if your life has already passed.  I learned this technique a few years ago.  If I was struggling with a business associate I would write a story about how I wished the relationship was –

And everything would change.

So now as you gather your research start to write your story, not from today looking forward, but as if it had already happened.

You will return to edit it as you discover, and list, and love, but in the end you will have clarity.

I’ve been doing a combination of this for the past couple of years.  The clarity I’ve been gaining has been amazing. The more I work on me the clearer I become on what I want. Thus the clearer I become on what I want the more clearer I am on the processes I need to take to arrive there. I’m not done but I am getting closer to being clear on my own personal definiteness of purpose. Take the time and make the effort it will pay off in a big way!