Spending time with grandkids and making memories can be so much fun — if you are prepared before you head out.

In this video we discuss what you can do to be prepared for a grandkid date to the movies.

What to Bring To The Movie


Blanket and stuffed animal, Date tip with grandkidsBlanket

So many times the theaters are just a bit chilly – bringing a small blanket to keep them warm helps them to focus on the movie – a little stuffed animal can’t hurt either

Little Treats

Little treats such as granola bars and fruit snacks help as well.


Don’t forget the wipes for clean up.


Just in case they get thirsty – and these 360 sippys are the best!

Extra bags

Baggies or small paper bags so you can split the popcorn into smaller more manageable servings for the kiddos.

It’s also wise to make sure and take a potty stop on the way in to the theater since otherwise you may be taking them out during the movie.

Spending time with the grand kids is so much fun – and a lot more fun if you are prepared to deal with the specific situation before hand.

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