Cut Your Energy Costs Date Night Ideas

When I heard there was a National cut your energy costs day my first thought was – AWESOME idea for a grandkid date night – and my mind went wild with things to do with your grandkids on that night. I decided it had to be a night time date (or at least part of it would be a night time date – so dinner could be served with candle light!)

Invitation – As mentioned before I love anticipation – and how excited my grandkids get when they know there is a special night just focused on them. Make sure and invite them before the date night arrives – let them know the theme, cut your energy costs date night  and answer any questions they may have.


What is energy

Talk to your grandkids about all the different types of energy (electrical, solar, wind, hydro)

 Cut your energy costs, wind, windmill

I Spy

Once you get on the road play I spy with your grandkids either walking around your neighborhood or inside – and see how many different types of energy they can see.

  • I spy with my little eye – something on a roof that gives energy (solar panels)
  • I spy with my little eye wind (this would be movement in the trees or in long grass)
  • I spy with my little eye – lines that bring electricity to a house
  • I spy with my little eye water
  • I spy with my little eye ……

cut Your Energy Costs - Date Night Ideas, pinwheel, energy, wind energy

Make a Pinwheel

Over at PBS they have a simple pinwheel you can make with your grandkids to talk to them about the power of wind. Kids always love pinwheels.

Hide and seek with flashlights

Remember some of our littles may have some fear of the dark so help them through this by playing games and doing activities that they feel comfortable with. Hide and seek can be a lot of fun if your kiddos feel brave enough to play.

Read a book

Using a flashlight read a book with your kids. Let them hold the flashlight while you read.

shadow puppet

Shadow Puppets

Over at Wiki How they have some easy ways to create shadow puppets that you can make with your grands while one of you holds the flashlights.

fire pit, cut your energy costs date night ideas, energy, fire energy


After dark have your grandchild help you cook a meal without using the stove or any electricity. Three different ways you could use are:

  • Gas BBQ
  • Small camp stove
  • Fire pit

Help them learn different ways you have of cooking food when the lights go out (emergency) or what they can do to help conserve energy.

Sit up at the table and eat with candle light. Talk about when people didn’t have electricity and what a blessing it is.

This can be a super fun date night that will help your grand recognize ways to conserve energy as well as give them confidence when the power does go ott.

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