The other day we went to see our financial guy, you know the guy that manages your 401k so you don’t stress out about the bumps in the market.

Any how I love this guy, his name is Travis. He’s the funniest guy. Although he runs a highly successful financial planning business he loves to save money and do things himself.

For example he priced out a water feature for his office – he thought the price was ridiculous so he built his own (I’ll include a picture here the next time I go see him)

Every time we go and visit him he tells us something cool – like last time he told us how to cruise on the cheap.

He told us about a 13 night Spain to Miami cruise for $559 or a 12 night Rome to San Juan cruise for $594.

The secret to these cruises is they happen twice a year. Typically in Oct/Nov and then again in April/May.   They are called repositioning cruises.

Repositioning Cruises

It’s when they take the boats from the Mediterranean Sea to the Caribbean. You still make 3-5 stops along the way but then take a 6 day course across the ocean.

Then they take those same ships back across in April or May.

Another great idea he gave us, I’m telling you this guy is awesome, was to buy round trip tickets when you head there the first time, take the ship going west, then take it back going east and take the flight home.

I looked at the cruises and decided what I’d do is probably see which place had the cheapest round trip tickets Spain or Rome buy the round trip fare but take two different ships so I could visit different destinations in the spring and fall – then take a few days and travel between the two countries to catch my flights.