Best Fashion Blogs for Women over 50

When it comes to fashion age does not matter.  In fact in many ways the older you get the more style becomes a statement.  The 4 style blogs listed below is a great example of this.

Style at a Certain Age

Beth Djalali  comes from the midwest, not a place known for style, but she has plenty of it. She claims She’s still “just a girl at heart navigating through her personal style.” Her hope for her blog is to encourage other women to embrace their own personal style as well.

We all know that when you look great, you feel great and you step out the door armed with confidence! Beth’s style is very down to earth with a touch of class.

Susan After 60

At 40 Susan found herself divorced and extremely over weight. With little to no confidence she finally found her voice and courage to face her lifelong issues with weight.

She created a Facebook page – Fifty Not Frumpy, which later turned into Susan After 60. She shares with her readers all that she’s learned along the way.


Senior Style Bible

Written by Dorie Jacobson – The Senior Style Bible is as colorful as it’s author.

Dorie said, “Today, at 80 years old, it is still a rare day when I am not stopped by a stranger complimenting me on my outfit, asking where they can buy something that I’m wearing, or inquiring into what brand of make-up I use. It is incredibly flattering to be noticed by complete strangers, male and female, of all ages. It reinforces my belief that style is much more than just what we wear, it’s an attitude.”

50 is Not Old

One of my all time favorite fashion blogs is written by Tania Stephens. She states “I call my style “classic meets trendy,” but my husband recently branded it “classy with a little trashy.” I think he means someone like Marilyn Monroe (I can dream). I have way too much vintage jewelry, and I’m a sucker for quality handbags.”

Please comment below with your favorite fashion blog for women over 50.