When my kids were growing up I loved summer – I used to say that summers fed my momma soul – Having my kids near by just filled me up to be able to handle all those nights of homework and school stress.

Now I’m on to the next phase – yet I still love all my old back to school traditions. Do you continue these with your grandkids or do you just move one?

I believe that is a question left to be answered by each grandma individually – what is the legacy that you plan to leave your grandkids? Does education play a part in that legacy? If it does then you may just want to continue with some of your back to school traditions. You can inspire your grandkids to love learning.

Grandparents play a very unique role – they don’t have to discipline but instead get the opportunity to be the biggest cheerleaders their kids and grandkids have. So while mom and dad are in the day to day grind of school and homework – you get to be on the sideline cheering them on and letting them know just how important a good education is.

My 5 Back to School Traditions

Back to School Shopping

I have 4 boys and 1 girl. Most of my boys did not care to even go with me when I would go shopping. They would let me know what kind of shirts they liked (typically sport themed shirts) what color of shorts to buy and how many jeans to buy.  The boys were always interested in the shoes – so they would go with me when it came time to buy their shoes.

My daughter on the other hand was happy to go with me for back to school shopping because we always met up with her best friend and her best friends mom and younger sister for a back to school weekend of shopping. We would get a condo either in Park City or Las Vegas and hit the outlets for a couple of days. There was always time spent at the pool and hot tub as well as zip-lines and exploring.

School Supplies

OK, can we just talk about school supplies for a minute – a notebook with nothing written in it! Oh, the possibilities. A packet of pencils or pens. A new ruler – I have to say this is one area I can’t wait to share with my grandkids – my LOVE of School Supplies.

An empty notebook reminds me of possibilities – all the adventures that are in front of you for that year. Every year all my kids were given a new back pack and all the school supplies they needed and then some.

A Family Night

The night before school starts we also gathered as a family and talked about school, about their fears and excitement. We gave them council and let them know that we were here for them no matter what they needed.

This was also the time when we gave them their school supplies.

First Day of School Pictures

This is a right of passage for parents as they put their kids on the bus or walk them to school that first day. First day of picture photos were always something we did – granted there were lots with smiley faces and lots with frowns faces. But I loved the tradition of being able to look back to the first day each year.

Warm Cinnamon Rolls

Probably the favorite for my kids and for me was the homemade cinnamon rolls. I would spend part of my day making and then tending to this homemade deliciousness. And when my kids walked in (many times with friends) at the end of their first day – there were warm cinnamon rolls waiting with a listening ear to hear all about the classes and sign all the disclosure statements.

So the question comes back to what do I plan to do with my grandkids when they start school? School supplies and cinnamon rolls for sure – and for those that live long distance? School supplies and Uber Eats cinnamon rolls from the local bakery.