I recently read a great article in the Harvard Business Review about reinvention after 50.  It’s awesome and I totally agree with what it says.

This article is more of actions steps that you can take to reinvent yourself. What you need to do at an age when you may or may not see your own value.  One of the things I’ve learned on my journey, now granted I’m a slow learner apparently, is that this takes time.  And that’s OK.  Just don’t make it an excuse.  Take some responsibility for the direction of your life and what you really want.

That is what this article is about, clarifying what you want and taking the steps necessary to obtain it.

Step 1 – Dream

No I mean really dream.  You’ve spent the past fifty years, working, serving and doing for others. It’s now time to look around and decide what you want for your own life.

You can call it your bucket list, your do before I die list or whatever you want.  But sit down, get away, put on some head phones and ask yourself.  What do I want to do, see, experience before I leave this life?  What do I want to leave as a legacy for my family, for this world?

This is not a simple do it in one day thing, it takes a lot of introspection and will take some time. You do not need to finish step one before going on to the other steps.  They all just kinda mesh together – they are fluid. You can move back and forth between them.  But the goal here is clarity.  I don’t believe God or if you prefer the universe can aid you in achieving what you were sent here to achieve until you are clear on what you want.

And I mean CRYSTAL!

Vague goals and thoughts produce vague results.  Look at your life and ask yourself are my results defined and definite or are the vague.  Then start with step 1 and dream. This dreaming will help create a strong desire.

Step 2 – Definiteness of Purpose

In his best selling book Napoleon Hill talks at length of the need for all of us to have a definiteness of purpose.  Hill says, “Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.”

Once you start dreaming and clarifying what you want the next 50 years to look like, you can start looking for the purpose in the things you are outlining.

For future understanding on how to clarify your definiteness of purpose please read this article. (definiteness of purpose)

Once you have a clear purpose your desire for it will increase daily as long as you feed it. You will feed it by:

Step 3 – Auto Suggestions & Declarations

Replacing your negative thinking with positive thinking may sound ridiculous to you but I’m telling you it works.  Napoleon Hill proved it in his over 500 interviews with the most successful business men 3rdof his time.

I’ve proven it to myself. As doubts creep in and accuse me of all sorts of ridiculous things – honestly if I stood back and watched it from a  3rd person perspective it becomes a littler humorous to listen to the barrage of insults and fears thrown at me by my mind or some outside force.

I choose to do it via declarations (article on declarations)- to input into my mind the traits, characteristics or outcomes that I desire.  I do this daily both morning and night and any time in between as the voices start to slither in.  Mastering the mind is one of the most important things you can do in this life, especially if you wish to reinvent yourself during your second 50 years.

Step 4 – Imagination

So now you’ve dreamed of what you want and become clear of a definite purpose.  You’ve heard the voices calling you names and telling you all sorts of fun lies like “you’re too old, too lazy, not good enough” or the thousand other lies you’re going to hear as you start to move forward.

One thing that will help catapult you forward is imagination.  Seeing what you want as if you already have it in your hands.

One of the main tools I use for this is a Vision Board I use both images and words so that it works on both sides of my brain.  I am systematic with my board in that I only put on the number of items that I have the mental capacity to imagine at any one time.

This typically means for me between 3-9 items at any given time. The goal here as Napoleon Hill states is to imagine whatever it is you are desiring “as if” you are already in pocession of this item.  See it, feel it, taste it, smell it.

You can make it more real to yourself if you go and actually see one in person, but then come home and go through the process of spending time in front of the image and create the desire, faith and reality of it in your mind.

Step 5 – Emotion

The final step has to do with emotion and yet it is the step that bring all the others together.  You’ve dreamed, you’ve come up with a purpose, you are changing your thought patterns and using your imagination to create the vision in your mind.

If you wish to put all this on steroids – use positive emotion.  Emotion is what moves all the other 4 steps into the subconscious mind and brings them to you quicker.

As you look at your vision board, as you state your declarations roll it all in the emotion of what you will feel when you have that thing, or possess that quality.

If it’s hard for you to create the motion, think back at a time when you were happy, felt powerful, were excited. Recall that emotion by reliving that experience and now transfer it to whatever it is you are working towards.

I know this is not rocket science, but it works.  I tell you it works because I have used it in my life before – but now I am taking it to a new level of definiteness of purpose.  By adding the purpose it adds an entire new level of dedication and energy to everything I’m currently striving for.

At which point it’s time to start creating your plan and setting your goals.