Do you remember the day of the paid travel agent? When you would go into his or her office and book out your entire trip, price was set, schedule was set.

I don’t know if there is such a thing now. So how do you find the best deals from reliable sources?

These are the 5 sites I use – and love.

Pomelo Travel

I cannot say enough about what this company has to offer. I would HIGHLY recommend that you sign up for their free email list where they will send you out the weekly great flight deals.

For example, my son is in the Navy and is stationed in Japan. A typical flight to Japan is between $1500-$2000. I received a notice last week that the flight was around $500 to Tokyo from Salt Lake City. (Typically I’m searching flights out of LAX for the high prices above)

They also have a paid email that entitles you to even better deals, as well as an option to travel with them off the well-beaten path. I haven’t signed up for this one yet – but probably will in the near future as we begin to travel more.


Another amazing site that offers you the best prices for your travel. It shows you the cheapest way to get to any destination you want to go – you will notice it will show you flights that Orbitz and some of the other big names don’t show.


Momondo is a little different. It shows you all the good deals and steps back and allows someone else to sell you the tickets.

I love that when you search something it brings up the next week or so and you can see if the price goes up or down by the graph, which makes it easy for you to change days if you’d like.

They offer not only flights, but hotels also.

Google Flights

 I use Google Flights as a research tool. When I get an email from Pomelo I go to Google Flights and plug in the information. It lays out a calendar month that shows me the prices for each day of the week, making it simple for me to choose the days to travel.


If you prefer all the big names like Orbitz, Price Line etc then Kayak is the one for you because you can put in your travel information and it will run a search of any of the major sites that you would like and they will all open up for you in separate browsers.

If you love to travel and explore these really are the best sites out there right now. I’ll let you know if I find anything that compares to these ones.