5 Fun Things to do on Old Rock Day

January 7 is Old Rock Day. The unofficial holiday encourages people to acknowledge, celebrate, and learn more about old rocks and fossils. We thought we would give you ideas for 5 fun things to do on old rock day with your grandkids (if you happen to have them on Old Rock Day)

While natural processes – volcanic eruptions and erosion – continually help create rocks on Earth, old rocks are especially important to those who study the Earth and its history. Many old rocks hold the mysteries of Earth’s formation – they can tell scientists about natural events that played a role in the formation of the rocks and the effects that event had on other life forms in the area.

Another cool thing is that old rocks can also sometimes hold fossils – the preserved remains of animals, plants and other organisms. Rocks tell us all sorts of stories.

Go Rock Hunting on Old Rock Day

Old rock day, 5 fun ways to celebrate old rock day

Take your grands for a walk (weather permitting). Kids love being outside and this is a great way to make things fun on old rock day. Give them a bag and have them gather as many different kinds, shapes, colors of rocks as possible. Help them to recognize that this earth is made up of lots of different things but Rocks is one of the foundational things.

Once your get back home have them wash off their rocks and arrange them in a way that everyone can show off their rocks and why they chose them.

Home made Dinosaur Eggs

old rocks day, dinosaur eggs

Laura over at Make Life Lovely has a super easy 3 ingredient way to make donosaur eggs that your grands can break open to find a dinosaur inside. You can do this activity one of two ways – you can have your grandkids help you encase the dinosaur or have them ready for your grandkids to escavate themselves.

Story Stones

story rocks, old rocks day

I loved this cute idea over at Teach Preschool.  Making story stones with your grandkids then letting them tell you the story behind the stones.

Rock Family

Old rocks day, rock family

I LOVED Maggies idea over at Red Ted Art about having your kiddos paint a rock family.

Layers of Earth

layered earth, Old rock day

This pudding cup idea over at Left Brain Craft Brain is a great way (not to mention fun and delcious) to teach your kiddos about the different layers of the earth. Where they are most likely to find rocks and how rocks are made.


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