5 Essential Online Safety Tips For Grandma

5 Essential Online Safety Tips For Grandma

5 Essential Online Safety Tips For Grandma

Keeping ourselves safe online is so important but can seem a bit complicated.

As we have seen recently with the Equifax breach – even the big guys who think they are fully protected may not be. But that being said it is so important to stay up to date on just what we can do to keep all our personal information safe from would be thieves.

So what can we do to stay safe online?

Install and antivirus

Let the pros protect your computer. Having an antivirus on your computer will help give you piece of mind as you surf the web

Don’t Trust Every Email that you Receive

Some cybercriminals can pass themselves off as another person with the aim of stealing your personal information. Always avoid conversations with people you don’t know.

Never give your personal information to any site that doesn’t being with https:// Also never give your email address or personal information via email. Just know if your bank needs to speak with you they will call you.

Be Wary of Downloading Attachments

If you receive an email from an unknown source with an attachment that is either ‘.zip’, ‘.rar’, ‘.exe’, a Word document, or a seemingly innocent photo, don’t download it. These typically contain malware which could then infect your computer also be wary of emails from friends, occasionally friends emailed get hacked and they send out emails with viruses. If you receive an email from a friend with nothing more than a link – don’t open it. If it doesn’t sound like them – don’t open it!

Use Different Passwords and Change Them Frequently

In the same way you wouldn’t leave a big sign on your front door saying “enter at will” don’t leave your passwords laying around.

With everything being online you have to be super cautious with your emails. Don’t use birthdates, wedding dates, children’s name or anything personal as your password.

Change your password frequently. There are multiple password storage companies where you can put all your passwords for safety purposes.

Allow Updates to Your Software & Operating Systems

Updates are sent out to patch problems and for security purposes. If you have an opportunity to update your software – read it carefully and then download it. It is much better to have the most up to date version of the software with all the latest security updates than to keep the old one just because you know how it functions.

These are a few basic things that you can do to keep yourself safe from online predators, but you must be ever vigilant in doing so.



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