Pumpkin Apple Stamps

Elizabeth over at frugalmomeh.com has a great tutorial on how to use your apples to create these super cute and easy pumpkin apple stamps. Apples are just the right size for a little preschoolers hand to hold dip and stamp.

Maple Leaf Turkeys

I loved these Maple Leaf Turkeys I found over on AlmostUnschoolers.

I love taking my grandkids out in the fall and picking leaves from all the different types of trees in our neighborhood – and luckily for this cute craft I have 3 large maples in my front yard. Love how she uses the stems of the leaves as their “turkey legs”

This activity is also a super simple one for my preschool grandkids.

Footprint Ghosts

I fell in love with these cute little footprint ghosts that I found over at Crafty Morning.  Michelle has such cute ideas.

Ghosts are such a Halloween thing and kids love ghosts – this way even your littles that have a fear of ghosts can stomp out that fear as they create these cute footprint ghosts.

And for grandma it’s always fun to have those cute little footprints hanging some place in your house on Halloween.



Mason Jar Fall Luminaries Craft

I don’t know about your grandkids but mine love anything to do with light – like flashlights and candles. I know they are going to love these fall luminaries that I found over at where imagination grows.

Once again super simple crafts for little hands and fingers and ones they can use anytime during fall as a nightlight in their bedrooms.

Easy Sandwich Cookie Spiders

Loved these little guys I found over at Positively Splendid. 

I figure you have to have at least one food craft and my kiddos love Oreos and these are super simple to make.

If you know of other super simple cute fall crafts please comment about them below – I’d love to check them out. I’m always looking for new simple craft ideas to do with the grandkids.