family tree, heritage theme family reunion, family reunion theme, family reunionOur Roots

The “Our Roots” them is all about getting to know each other on a more personal level as well as getting to know those that came before you.  I would suggest starting with 4 generations.  Your children > You > Your parents > and your Grandparents.


Carnival and circus themes are a lot of fun especially if you have little guys.  Include games like ring toss, ping pong ball in a fish bowl, face painting and daring acts – like walking a tight rope.

Amazing Race

This can incorporate all sorts of things.  You can do it by family or split the families up into teams and have different types of competitions that all add up to the final points at the last day.  You can include obstacle courses, races, board games, outdoor sports – there is no limit.


For this theme its all about being a family and where that all started with the birth of each person. Fun games could include pin the tail, piñata tag, balloon pop and of course gifts – one for each birthday child. You could do this white elephant style or just with an assigned name.

A Tribal thing

A tribal thing is a fun way for cousins to get to know each other.  You place different family members into separate tribes where they get to know each other by playing games that teach them about each other.  After which they compete against the other tribes for tribe dominance.


Depending on where you live this may be a destination reunion but if you love the beach even if you live inland you can still create the fun of a beach or Hawaiian reunion with pool time, water sports, sand castles and lots of sun time and of course good beach food such as a luau.

 Join the Major Leagues (sports)

For this one you could either have everyone wear the jersey of their favorite team – or create your own jerseys for Team “you insert your name” Both are fun.  This reunion would include the importance of a team (T.E.A.M – Together Everyone Achieves More) as well as team sports games such as soccer, football, baseball, basketball, volleyball etc. Each family could be a team or you could split families up into extended family teams.

Movie themes

This one could be a lot of fun depending on what movie you choose.  Your family could dress up as different characters – or you could divide by family and each family could have their own theme.  If it’s individual themes per family you could each create your own short video to be presented on the last night, if it’s all together find that person that is amazing at making videos and have them create a video to be seen on the last night.

Dr Seuss

I love Dr. Seuss – he has so many life lessons in his books, as well as a lot of fun. You could set up an Seuss obstacle course, and talk like Seuss and wear stars on thars. The perfect shirts would definitely be Thing 1 and Thing 2 and 3 and 4 etc.


For the olympics theme I would do individual plus team put together – you could do winter or summer depending on the time of year you are holding your reunion.

Giant Board games

These are fun, fun, fun.  Create a giant foosball using PVS pipe and each player as a man. You can make giant checker boards by using paint on the grass or buying one on amazon.  If you make your own you can use 5 gallon bucket lids (in black and red) as your checker. Make a giant Jengo game.  There are so many ideas.

“Last name” Got Talent

This could be a super fun reunion where everyone shares their talents. If you’ve ever watched the first few episodes of America’s Got Talent – really you can do anything for talent from a little guy doing somersualts to an adult juggling, singing or telling a story.

Volunteer & Service

For this theme it can be close to home or once again a destination reunion.  I think it would be awesome to do it close at home.  I remember when we took my then 6 year old son to Honduras to live for a year.  He saw the poverty and the street beggars which were children no older then him.  After we returned home we were in a bigger city and he started to cry when he saw the beggars – he had no idea that there was need all around him.

Super Heros

Come as your favorite super hero and do daring feats of courage.  This theme could include talking about what it means to be a hero to someone else as well as all sorts of fun games.  Once again you could create your family reunion T-shirts based on which super hero you are.

Medieval times

Going back in time is always fun – to a time of castles and dragons and fair maidens.  Everyone could come dressed for the time and do activities like jousting and juggling.  Of course there would only be eating with your hands and lots of grape juice.


Survivor is another fun theme. Divide into teams and together you complete all the daring obstacles that come your way.  In the end only one team survives.


If you’re doing your reunion around a patriotic holiday then this could be fun.  Teach your family about your country history, how long have they lived in that city, state, country.  You can track your family heritage using a big world map. Eat patriotic food from your current country as well as the country from which you came.

The price is right

The price is right family reunion theme can be a lot of fun. Recreate games from the price is right and enjoy your time racing towards the showcase showdown.

Classic Book

Use any classic book theme. Come dressed for the theme and do the activities in the book.  Talk about books and reading and history and heritage.  If you are big readers this could be super fun.


If you are doing your family reunion in the summer then it’s all about the water.  Kids love water! Kids would rather be in water then any where else. You don’t have to have a pool to make this fun.  You can use small pools and play a game of baseball that includes kid pools as bases and a slip n slide for home, water balloon volley ball, squirt gun wars etc.