Fall is such an amazing time of the year! I love fall!  I love the colors the weather turning crisp and the beauty that abounds when you live around trees and mountains like I do.

This year I’ve decided to share my love for fall with my grandkids – I’ve created a bucket list of 20 things I want to do with my grands. It’s funny because the old adage of “failing to plan is planning to fail” and it’s so true when it comes to grandkids.

It’s so easy to get involved in your own life and catch the little snipets of the grandkids as they come here and there but what’s even better is if you create a plan for this amazing time of the year – times when you can be present and share the love of the season with your grandkids.

Fall bucket list

As you can guess most of my bucket list will be outdoors before it becomes too cold to spend quality time outside.

Outside Activities

Pumpkin patch & Corn Maze

I have such fun memories with my own kids at the pumpkin patch and corn maze. We take our grandkids yearly to different places. The one I loved the most for the little guys closed a couple of years ago so I’m still searching for the perfect one for my little guys.

Play in the leaves & build a leaf fort

We have 3 large maple trees and on top of that a bunch of quaking aspen trees in our front yard – so to say we get a leaf dump is an understatement.

It was so funny a few years ago a new family with 6 children moved in down the street. The house they moved in didn’t have one tree. That year we got a knock on the door and the 3 older kids were standing there with rakes wondering if they could rake and transport the leaves in front of our house down the hill to their house. It was awesome:)

Then we got our own grandkids and my grandkids LOVE LOVE our leaves. They love to rake, jump, build, look for grandpa in the enormous pile of leaves on our front yard. It is the best. So if you have trees make sure and take advantage of this bucket list item.

Pancakes in the canyon

This is probably one of my favorite childhood memories. Every Monday night in the fall our parents would pack up the station wagon and we would head to Mapleton canyon. They would pull out the old steel griddle and make a boatload of pancakes (we come from a family of 10 siblings)

The kids would run, explore and play until the scent of pancakes would draw us all back to the camp site where we would eat pancakes and dutch honey syrup until we were beyond full. As the sun would set we would pack everything up and head back home.

Take a scenic drive 

This one may be one that the grandkids don’t love or appreciate until they get older – unless you are willing to stop along the way and let them get out and explore but I love it.  Close to our home is a loop that begins in Provo canyon and ends in American Fork canyon called the Alpine Loop. In the fall the colors are amazing and many times you get to see wild life too.

Have a campfire

While we do not have a fire pit at our house we do have access to one without having to go up the canyon. But either way having a camp fire and “telling scary stories” which is what my oldest grandson age 4 thinks campfires are all about is a great idea as the days start to get cooler.

Make S’mores

I think it goes without saying but if you are going to have a campfire you definitely need to have everything you need to make s’mores. I don’t know if I’ve just gotten lazy or don’t like the mess but when we do s’mores we just get chocolate covered cookies and sandwich the marshmallows between them once they are melted.

Go Hiking

Hiking is great exercise any time of the year but the fall is especially beautiful and getting the grandkids that can to go on a short hike in the mountains in the fall can be very enjoyable.

Once little idea is to have them help you make a trail mix snack and grab a bottle of water to put in their back packs as you head up the canyon.

Bike ride 

We love to ride bikes at our house and have always had a bike trailer for when our kids were young – we currently use that same trailer for our grandkids who love to go on bike rides with us. We are lucky enough to live close to a paved multi-use trail so we can hit the canyon or ride down to the lake without having to ride on the roads.

Trick or Treating

Of course fall would not be complete without a little trick or treating. We typically host a halloween party/dinner where the grandkids come all dressed up and ready for trick or treats. We set up in our house so the kids go around and trick or treat door to door.

Play a game of football or soccer

Get out and run off some energy. I remember when my oldest grandson was 2 – he would take my husband outside to play football. Rob never understood the rules and my grandson was frustrated much of the time but it was so fun to watch the two of them out there playing together.

Inside activities

Paint Pumpkins

I learned really fast that I’m not s lover of carving pumpkins – just not my thing so instead we paint them. It’s a lot of fun for the grandkids to paint and decorate their pumpkins any way they like.

Make Caramel Apples

I love apples. Where we live there are apple orchards with so many different types of apples. I also love caramel – kinda like that chocolate and peanut butter thing – Caramel and apples go together so well. I love making and especially eating caramel apples in the fall – well I love eating them year round, but they feel especially appropriate in the fall.

Make Leaf Rubbing

One of the crafts I loved doing a child I now teach my grandkids to do. We go for a walk and select several different types of leaves before coming home and make leaf rubbings.

Make a Handprint turkey

Another craft from my childhood is the ole handprint turkey. It’s easy, costs nothing and in the end you look like a talented artist – even when you’re 3-4.

Make hot chocolate

You can tell it’s fall when the hot chocolate comes out. Typically the first time I have hot chocolate every year is at either a football game or going up a ski lift to see the full moon. But hot chocolate with mini marshmallows is a great fall treat.

Watch a Halloween movie

There are a lot of great halloween movies for young grandkids. I personally love the Haunted Mansion with Eddie Murphy – my kids get such a kick out of me screaming. Brenda’s kids love the movie The Ghost and Mr Chicken with Don Knotts.

Fall Sleepover

Sleep overs are fun all year long but fall is a great time for a sleepover. You typically move inside at an earlier hour so they can help with the dinner, early bath, PJ’s and a movie all snuggled up.

Attend or watch a football game

Fall is synonymous with football and if you are anything like our family you have a favorite college team and pro team (actually in my family each person has a different fave when it comes to pro teams – Go Packers!)

We’ve had so much fun when we take him to a college game – he loves to be there with us.

When it’s a night game my  grandson will come over after bedtime for his sisters on game nights and watch football with grandpa, his dad and me. He’s such a big guy! Crazy how quickly they grow up!

Make Pumpkin Bread

Of course you are going to want to make pumpkin bread and Brenda’s secret Chocolate Chip Pumpkin bread recipe is the best around. You can even use a mini loaf pan (which kids love) and use tis for their get booed treat.

Get Booed

Letting your grandkids see you serve others can help inspire them to serve others on their own. I love the You’ve been Booed activity for this reason. It gives them an opportunity to serve and have fun planning at the same time.

It was hard to limit myself to just 20 things this fall for my bucket list – but I’m excited to get started!