While there are loads of amazing characteristics about us baby boomers – I decided to sit down and write about the ones that I noticed most in us.  We come from parents who of the depression and WWII,  Our parents were hard workers and devoted to family – they instilled in us great principles such as:


We love structure. We love things to be outlined and expectations to be clear.  Our parents were disciplined, they were taught structure and we were too.  Structure helps us set goals and accomplish them. We tend to be dogged in our discipline and go after what we want in a structured way.

Challenges the status quo

We were children of the 60’s.  We learned to challenge authority and right and wrong.  We didn’t listen to “because I said so” but went out and experienced life for ourselves. We have always challenged the status quo.

So why not now. They tell us younger is better, smarter, faster.  It’s time to challenge that by reinventing ourselves and continuing to break the mold.

Personal Growth

We love personal growth and feel like if we need or want to learn something or change something it’s up to me to do it.  We take on personal growth head on.  I feel a lot of this comes from challenging the status quo.  If this level is good — I can do better.

We want to learn new technology and how things are done. We are constantly pushing the envelope.

Want to “make a difference”

We want what we do to make a difference.  Whether it’s with our work life, our family life or our religious life.  We want to see that somehow what we are doing contributes to making this earth a better place.

A great way to make a difference these days is personal growth and self improvement.  Changing what can be changed, improving what can be improved.

Strong work ethic

We boomers learned from the best.  We learned to work hard.  We worked hard in school (being we are the most educated generation where schooling is concerned) we worked hard at our profession (this is where the 50 hour work week became the norm) and we with the time we had left over we worked hard with our families.

The strong work ethic gives us a huge step up when it comes to everything in life.  If we can clearly define what we want to create we have the work ethic to achieve it.

Team Oriented

One of our biggest strengths is our ability to work as a team. We have a very strong sense of community. We love to collaborate together to create change and the sense of doing something that matters – together.

This is also a great motivator when working towards change.  Create a team of like minded people who want to change too.  We have another 40-50 years – with our current experience and wisdom just think what we can accomplish!

Self Assured

Because of our experience with the 60’s and 70’s we are independent thinkers and self assured.  Because we were raised during a turbulent time in history, we took on responsibility and asked adult questions sooner then most generations. Which has led us to question authority if we didn’t agree with them.

Although we tend to follow the rules we let our opinions and voice be heard if we feel that it violates our personal values and perspectives.  We are not afraid of change, we are not afraid of being challenged by the nay-sayers.


We are competitive – need I say more?  This is what motivated us to race to the top of the corporate ladder.  We love to change and improve but we also love to lead and push others to improve.

We are driven more by internal forces, such as self-improvement and personal growth. Can you see where this would help as you reinvent?


We love goal setting and achievement.  We like creating goals for ourselves or the clarity of having someone outline goals for us (in the case of a work situation.) This process helps keep us clear and focused on progressing and fulfilling some of our others needs such as personal growth and wanting to make a difference in the world.

Setting and achieving goals is a way of life for us – now it’s time to set them for our next life – our post 50 life.


We are resourceful! We were raised in an era where resourcefulness was a necessary trait. As mentioned above our parents either lived through the Great Depression. People often had to make do with what they had. Because of this we squeeze every ounce of usefulness out of everything we do.

If we come to something that has us perplexed we figure it out and if can’t we find someone who can. Once again resourcefulness will catapult us into our new reinvent – we can figure it out.

Mentally focused

Unlike more recent generations, We keep their minds focused on a particular subject or topic. We have amazing attention spans.  This helps us to stay on track both at work and home.

Even if we have our own businesses we are able, because of our mental focus, to manage our business and home life with ease.  We are able to focus on what we need to do when we need to do it.

Baby Boomers pretty much rock the world where characteristics are concerned. We are strong, innovative, resourceful but we do it all with the bigger picture in mind and while wanting to make a difference both in our personal life and for those around us.

Using these strengths to define our next 50 years could be amazing!  Evaluate what strengths you have and start using them today.